Nasi lemak buyer goes ballistic when asked to wear mask

A man who wouldn’t wear a face veil created a situation at a nasi lemak slow down in Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur, yesterday, censuring the seller and a client subsequent to being advised to put on a cover.

In a video that has turned into a web sensation, the man in a dark singlet and shorts could be seen provoking another client, who was wearing an orange T-shirt, to call the police on him for not wearing a veil.

“What would you like to do, call police ah? Call lah ******, what are you sitting tight for? Your telephone got no credit? Need me to get you credit? Then, at that point **** off,” he said, before a young lady who assists her with mothering work the slow down strides in the middle of the two men before the circumstance could heighten.

The young lady, who needed to be known as Lyn Centino, said she and her mom had been working their slow down at Taman Desa for as far back as eight years, adding that the man dressed in orange was a normal client.

She disclosed to FMT that the man in the singlet had come to purchase nasi lemak around 10.30am when her mom saw he was not wearing a cover.

“My mother was pressing the nasi lemak when she endorsed to him, requesting that he wear his veil. Then, at that point he yelled at my mother, ‘Who the hellfire right? You sell nasi lemak, simply manage your work’. My mother was truly shocked.

“Then, at that point, another client, who’s an ordinary of our own, answered to him that the SOP was that it’s mandatory to wear veils. The man couldn’t take it and needed to get into a battle.

“In the event that you watch the video, they were practically going to battle. So I immediately stepped in to split it up prior to something awful could occur,” she said.

In spite of the fact that she didn’t record a police report over the matter, Centino said she and her mom were very stirred up and worried by the episode.

“Furthermore, it’s anything but a Sunday and it’s anything but an extremely bustling day. Then, at that point, this happened out of nowhere. It influenced us promptly and we felt very tragic,” she said.

FMT has connected with Brickfields police boss Anuar Omar for input

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