Singapore schoolboy, 16, charged with murder of 13-year-old

A 16-year-old understudy of River Valley High School in Singapore was accused of the homicide of an individual understudy today.

The Secondary Four understudy, who can’t be named as he is a minor and secured under the Children and Young Persons Act, was blamed for one tally of homicide, as indicated by Channel News Asia (CNA).

The young person, who showed up in court by means of video connect, was blamed for causing the passing of a 13-year-old kid somewhere in the range of 11.16am and 11.44am yesterday in the school’s latrine.

Wearing a red shirt, the young person with disheveled hair reacted “yes” to the adjudicator when scrutinized a few times.

The arraignment asked that the court remand the kid at Changi Medical Center for mental assessment.

The police investigator told the court that starter examinations uncovered that the denounced had been a patient at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) subsequent to endeavoring self destruction when he was 14 years of age.

“Given the conditions, we are presenting that he requires mental assessment,” the investigator was cited as saying.

The kid’s legal counselor, Peter Keith Fernando, affirmed that this happened when his customer was in Secondary Two.

The appointed authority requested the denounced to be remanded for mental perception for three weeks and to get back to court on Aug 10.

Recently, the school was set under a lockdown in the first part of the day with educators and understudies requested to stay in their homerooms. They were delivered solely after 3pm, a media report said.

A parent, Jacky Huang, 43, said he raced to the school in the wake of getting a message from his girl that there was somebody using a hatchet in the school.

He showed instant messages and a video sent by his girl showing schoolchildren running from the crime location.

Stream Valley High School, in the Boon Lay region in Jurong West, is an optional school with understudies matured 12 to 18.

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